unlock sonic nourishment

vitaminwater X Amazon Music
Project Overview
Vitaminwater came to us with new flavors and a challenge to launch the products on Amazon in an innovative way. So we collaborated with the Amazon Music team and leveraged some fancy AWS tech to turn these hot new flavors into exclusive portals to branded playlists inspired by the "personalities" of each flavor.
The scanner
Using a combination of AWS image + text recognition technology, we created a new way to use your camera to unlock exclusive content—no QR code required! Just grab one of the new flavors and scan the bottle, turning the product into your ticket to the music playlists.
Amazon Music
We curated the playlists to each have their own personality or mood. This built on the vitaminwater concept of "Nourish Every You", embracing ALL the sides of you. Forever You: youthful, bright, and energetic. With Love: a calm, warm, and self-care vibe.​ XXX: Sensual, seductive, and all around sexxxy.
watch it in action
Enjoy a quick social video I threw together to walk through the scanner and the branded Amazon Music playlists.
AD: Eddie Camacho
CW: Victoria Spagnuolo
CD: Sarah Betts
Design Director: Joseph Dasaro
UX: Cyndi Walker
Design Technologist: Joohyun Park
Solutions Manager: Maggie Gradala