The Outsideologist PRoject

Project Overview
Kids are only spending 4-7 minutes outside every day... Claritin asked us to help change that.

We set out to make the outside the most unboring place ever by launching The Outsideologist Project. What's an Outsideologist? It's a new generation of kids exploring a world of wonder right outside their backdoor.
One Show - Merit
Shoot Online - Quarterly Music Chart #1
Shots Awards - Best Use of Music Finalist
AMP Awards 2021 - Best Original Song
We worked with Mophonics to compose a custom song that would make kids giggle, but also hopefully not annoy their parents to death. Then partnered with ATK PLN to craft the animation. We chose to build live miniature sets in order to create a tangible and familiar feeling, but then used wild 2D animation on top of that inspired by the creative imaginations of kids... ya know, the kind of imaginations that say squirrels can have racing stripes, and rabbits eat their poop with a spoon, obvi.
We created a chatbot that could almost double as a baby-sitter, keeping your kids occupied for hours with fun outside activities, crafts, and games. Check out the full chatbot interaction below or a few highlights...
Enjoy some process imagery, design iterations and set details. 🤓
The Outsideologist Project BTS gif
CW: Tanvi Tandon
CD: Manuel Torres Kortright, Gloria Dusenberry
ECD: Susan Treacy
Producer: Chris Totzke
Production: ATK PLN
Music: Mophonics