ocean spray

Project Overview
Collaborations bring the best of two worlds together. As a farmer-owned co-op, Ocean Spray farmers collaborate everyday with nature herself.

The ultimate collab. They collab with the bees, wind, sun, rain, water, to create the most sustainably grown cranberries.
We challenged our music producers to collaborate with nature in the same way Ocean Spray does. They embodied the spirit of collaborations taking inspiration and sampling sounds from water, birds, bees, and the earth.And of course... people love the music:
Ocean Spray Iphone gif
this slowpoke moves
this slowpoke moves
A platform built on collaboration would be incomplete without also collaborating with other like-minded brands. We helped educate our Ocean Spray clients on the world of brand collabs and the endless possibilities of partnerships. We setup guidelines to ensure the effectiveness of future collabs, and to ensure that future opportunities aligned with the goals of the brand and this new platform. Ultimately, hand-holding can only last so long. They trusted us to steer them in a new direction, and now the rest is up to them...but here's a taste of what the new platform has led to:
Enjoy some process imagery, design iterations and set details. 🤓
this slowpoke moves
this slowpoke moves
CD: Robin Laurens, Jonathan Fussell
CW: Tanvi Tandon