Nike: Inprogress

Project Overview
I helped lead a pitch for Nike Training at the BYU AdLab. We developed the idea "InProgress" because training is never finished, is unpolished, and always a work in progress. We created a story, wrote hundreds of lines and presented the idea, and then Nike's design team executed and launched the idea as a brand platform.
Look & Feel
The look & feel is intentionally imperfect and unpolished; hence pictures of pictures, misaligned, mixed fonts, sizes, and rough texture.
The InProgress brand platform has fueled Nike Training social content. Along with providing a cohesive theme for short-form content and social posts, Nike has explored the "work in progress" of their athletes through long-form content on IGTV.
Partnerships & Events
Nike has used the InProgress platform throughout the world as branding at partner locations, gyms and events.