The Grilling Hall of Flavor

Kraft Heinz X Amazon Fresh
Project Overview
Grilling isn’t just one of America’s oldest culinary traditions, but for many people, it is also an art form.
So we created the Grilling Hall of Flavor, an immersive and interactive digital and in-store activation treating the Kraft Heinz grilling products like the Hall of Famers they truly are.
We surprised customers at Amazon Fresh stores in Chicago and California with real Hall of Flavor museum pop-ups. We provided thousands of free burgers and hotdogs, collaborated with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile team, and handed out a few hundred wiener wistles as customers became fans of the Kraft Heinz brands.
The Digital Hall of Flavor Museum
We also created a digital Hall of Flavor museum on (the experience may still be live here), so customers could take a tour through the saucy exhibits on from any device! The page included fun facts, pop quizzes, mini games, and plenty of easter eggs.
Process Visuals
Enjoy some process screengrabs—a few 3D renders of the IRL pop-up.
CW: Victoria Spagnuolo
CD: Sarah Betts
Design Director: Joseph Dasaro
UX: Cassie Xu
Design Technologist: Alec Kunkel
Solutions Manager: Maggie Gradala
Strategist: Simge Okut