It's Your Run

Brooks Running
Project Overview
I worked with Brooks Running for nearly a year developing their first real "brand" campaign. I'm not much of a runner... but that's kind of the whole point of the campaign.

I wasn't around for the final video production, so sadly did not get to meet David Harbour. But I put endless hours of design, mockups, presentations, feedback, & revisions into this idea and I'm proud of how the team executed it.
Launch Film
It's Your Run
This is my favorite script from the campaign. Again, can't take credit for the production but created the concept of spontaneous confetti celebrating my own personal newbie runs to the stop sign at the end of my block. A marathon celebration is just too out of reach for many of us ;)
Process imagery
Here's a bunch of pre-sale pitch visuals and process imagery used to cement "It's your run" in feelings of joy and playfulness. The intention was to always keep running accessible by all humans of all skill levels and backgrounds. IĀ found that just a sprinkle of colorful motion helped convey that.
ECD: Rich Bloom
CD: Sarah Holcombe
CW: Scott Muska
AD: Hannah Shams, Luke Romig
+ many others